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The New Year’s congratulation speech of our general manager.   2010/3/12
On 23rd January 2010 morning, the team led by Mr. Zhou Jie, the deputy chief of   2010/3/12
On 20th January, the team led by Mr. Wang, the director of Yancheng development   2010/3/10
On 1st December, Mr. Yang Rui, deputy director of the Jiangsu Science and Techno   2010/3/10
On 27th November, Mr. Zhou Heliang, former director of the Mechanical Industry B   2010/3/10
Aoxin pure electric car launched off the assembly line.   2010/3/10
On 7th November, the general manager of the Xiongtao Power Technology Co, Ltd.,   2010/3/10
On 7th November, we took part in the “2009 Shanghai Electric Vehicles And Energy   2010/3/10
“Jiangsu Aoxin”: Technical innovation to lead a new era of new energy vehicles!   2010/3/10
On 5th November, the team led by Mr. Cao, the Mayor of the Yancheng development   2010/3/10
On 4th November Mr. Zhao, Party Secretary, together with other municipal leaders 2010/3/10
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