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The brief introduction of AOXIN company
Jiangsu AOXIN New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as AOXIN company) has focused on R & D and manufacture of pure electric vehicle for a long time. It is a new international high-tech enterprise and key chain backbone new energy automobile enterprises of Jiangsu province. With registered capital one billion RMB, total assets 1.345 billion RMB and covering area of 400000m2, AOXIN has formed 30 products in three series (passenger car , commercial vehicle , special vehicle). In 2014 and 2015, the sales volume of special vehicle is anterior in China special vehicle industry.
The main kinds of vehicles are passenger vehicle(SUV, MPV, CUV), commercial vehicle(2.5T,4.5T,7.5T) pure electric
 detachable carriage garbage truck, garbage dump truck, sweeper truck, electric van, pure electric self-loading and unloading garbage truck, electric stake truck, electric  vending truck, electric advertising vehicle and so on. 
They are mainly used for time-sharing lease, personal user, short distance logistics transportation, express, cold-chain, logistics, city sanitation. The vehicles were mainly sold to more than 30 cities in China. They are also exported to other
 countries, such as USA, New Zealand, Spain, Germany and Italy.

The qualification and technical background of AOXIN
As an new energy automobile production enterprises listed in the announcement of the Ministry of industry, AOXIN owns honor of the national "high technology enterprise", "Jiangsu new energy key automobile industry chain backbone enterprises", "Jiangsu Province technology innovation pilot enterprise" and sponsor of "Jiangsu new energy automotive industry innovation international synthetic alliance", and strategic alliance partners of China Automotive Engineering Society " in lightweight technology innovation field.
AOXIN company has specific, integrated and systematic idea in new energy vehicle innovative development---four News and four Lization. AOXIN also made a  great achievement in innovation practice. After many years of exploring and research practice of seven new structures and material system of pure electric passenger vehicle, AOXIN team firstly summarized and proposed that the first question of electric vehicle is to achieve lightweight. Then Aoxin formed the system innovation concept of four New and four Lization. It includes new drive platform, application of new materials, new mode of production, new business models, electrization, light weight, intelligence and net-working.

The industrial environment and conditions of AOXIN
In the aspect of industry positioning, Jiangsu province definitely supports the priority for Yancheng to develop new energy automotive industry. Jiangsu is the Chinese largest and world's fifth-largest carbon fiber production base. The lightweight technology industrial application of the car will promote the healthy development of Jiangsu carbon fiber industry. Yancheng regards new energy automobile as strategic emerging industry. In 13th Five Year Plan, the number of new energy automobile will reach 120000 units, and Yancheng government cleared that AOXIN is the subject of implementation. In the aspect of sustainable development, Yancheng is rich in both wind power and photoelectricity power. It provides sustainable development of new energy vehicles industry as a kind of rare green renewable energy. Meanwhile, renewable energy sources and Industrial by-product hydrogen laid the foundation for the automobile hydrogen development. Yancheng has been assessed for two UN demonstration project-- Chinesenew energy vehicles and the integrated application of commercialization of renewable energy projects, promote the development of Chinese fuel cell car commerce. The subject of implementation is AOXIN company as well. In terms of overall layout,. as a traditional automobile market, Yancheng clearly recognized that the new energy vehicles is very import for industry transformation and upgrading. During the period of "11th five-year plan", Yancheng economic and technology development zone constructed  the new energy automotive industrial park, which covers an area of 2.21 square kilometers, built research and development center of 13000 square meters and incubation center of 55200. The new energy vehicles measurement & test center established by Jiangsu quality and technical supervision bureau is also located in the park. The automobile comprehensive test field of 2 billion RMB registered capital jointly invested by China automotive technology research center, has been put into operation, this field owns top level among Asian automobile road test fields.

The key parts and components industry chain of AOXIN
During the period of 13th Five Year Plan in China, AOXIN will implement the battery system 2 billion wh, 100000 sets of motor controller and transmission. Especially, the manufacturing center of 200000 sets automotive composites material of various preparation forming process, will serve the industry. It will form manufacturing ability of 30000 sets of three kinds of extender, i.e. Fuel extender, gas turbines and fuel battery (proton exchange membrane). At the sme time, Aoxin will develop solid oxide fuel battery ( SOFC ), combining with gas turbine, to form a innovative power system of high efficiency. The new energy automotive industry alliance, which is founded by Yancheng cityhas been set up by Aoxin company with development fund of 1 billion RMB, is specially to incubate and develop raw material and parts required by AOXIN vehicle lightweight technology, such fundamental industries as low cost large tow carbon fiber thread, which can form regional characterized industry chain new energy automobiles.
The verification platform of AOXIN
During the period of 13th Five Year Plan, Yangtze Delta Academy of New Energy Automobiles Co.,Ltd founded by AOXIN company united with some universities, research institutions and government will build six key laboratories. They will be as following, The laboratory vehicle simulation test bench of investment 150 million RMB(built), national motor electric control laboratory Yancheng branch of investment 50 million RMB (established under cooperation with Beijing institute of technology), Automobile power electriccity laboratory of 80 million RMB investment(fuel cell and its system), which will be established together with technology supervision bureau.  The automotive composite materials laboratory of investment 100 million together will be built by Aoxin company together with Donghua University. Auto electronics and EMS test lab will be built by Aoxin company together with Shanghai Jiaotong University and Yancheng Institute of Technology. Intelligent vehicle network lab and Yancheng real-time vehicle monitoring platform of 200 million RMB will be built by Aoxin together with several famous organizations. Those three projects are in period of feasibility study. Those key laboratories and Yancheng Comprehensive Automobile Test Field will form a integrated open and innovative public platform for New Energy automobile industrial chain system in Yangtze Delta area.

The development strategy of AOXIN
As a diversified large industrial group company purely owned by Yancheng Municipal Government,  Yancheng State-owned Assents Investment Group Co., Ltd., is the only investor of Aoxin Company. With registered capital 2 billion RMB, and total assets 23.3 billion RMB, it owns strong financial strength and sustainable development ability. During the 13th Five Year period, AOXIN company will be created into an innovative new energy automobile group enterprise. Diversified ownership will be leaded into AOXIN company after getting approval of electric car, in order to inspire innovations, and to create AOXIN into an national effective research & manufacturing base, an national effective innovation base and an effective application demonstration base in the world.